As a little girl I always enjoyed spending time with my aunt in her flower garden. The gardenias, hydrangeas, peonies and roses were so beautiful and captured my imagination. I carried this passion for flowers into my adult life where I was so eager to learn more about how to take these beautiful flowers and create astonishing arrangements.

I spent 20 years as a flight attendant and during this time I worked part-time at Dr Delphinium Design and Events located in Highland Park of Dallas Texas from 2003-2005. Working at the register and then moving into the design center I learned the art of creating handheld bouquets, small arrangements and custom florals for large engagements.

In 2015, I attended Michael Gaffeny’s Dallas School of Flower Design, where I learned different styles of design ranging from American to European to bridal. In addition I was introduced to the marketing, buying and selling of flowers on a wholesale level.

In 2016, I was able to reach my dream of having my own floral design company known as Fleurs de Lisa located in Southlake, Texas. Fleurs de Lisa is a small floral concierge business serving the local area where I have had the pleasure to create floral designs for business events, small weddings and special occasions.